Hey beautiful, thank you for checking out Charme Atelier - to ensure a smooth operation, we need some details from you and we'll be in touch soon !

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Yes - we have worked on a spectrum of skin tones and types. We have experience in working with problematic skin including, but not limited to: rosacea, acne, scarred tissue, large pores, hyperpigmentation. The products in our kit are hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic (they will not clog your pores - yay!). This being said, we always ask our clients for a heads-up on any allergies and sensitivities they might have. Whether you have a concern for dark circles, uneven skin tone or a dull complexion, you will leave the artist chair #Charmed. The make-up application is customary to skin type (dry - oily), and skin prep is a must for a beautiful face!
All day or all night - clients have reported not washing their face for bed (a huge no-no) and waking up with the same untouched face! Your makeup will last you for the duration of the day with proper caution and care. We believe in qualitative work and it takes qualitative products to achieve that. Skin prep is an essential step in making your makeup last, which most people overlook. To ensure that our Brides and clients are well #Charmed, we include that step in your beauty service. We will also discuss the precautions and care that you need to take for your face to stay flawless. Our beautiful Brides also receive a Bridal Care Kit for touch-ups!
We have worked with various textures of hair. Clients are recommended to book a consultation in advance, during which we will take a look at your hair and determine a method to create your desired style. Have inspiration pictures? Great! Bring them to the consultation and we can see what works best. We also give the option for clients to bring in or purchase hair extensions in various lengths to ensure we have enough hair to work with to create your dream hair-do.
The earlier, the better. We need at least two-weeks notice for client and trial bookings, and 3 months notice for bridal bookings. The Charme team will work with you to arrange beautiful looks for your equally beautiful festivities as we consider your outfits and adornment when devising your hair and makeup looks.
Yes, we are available to travel for your special day! Additional travel and accommodation costs would be covered by the client, contact us for more details and arrangements.

All of our recommendations and suggested preparations are outlined in our service agreement, which is shared when we proceed to booking. Here are some things we would like to remind you:

First off, remember to have a fresh meal before starting your hair and makeup since you will be spending a good chunk of time getting ready. we often skip meals when preparing for an important event, but we can’t have our Charme babe running hangry!

Please wash your hair one to two days before the booking and have it blow-dried straight without any heavy and unnatural products. We advise our brides to have the top of their wedding gown on prior to starting any service, unless it is easily worn without risking the service. We also advise that you have all of your jewellery and accessories laid out nearby for time effective dressing.

Deposits can be made via cash, certified cheque or an EMT (e-mail transfer). We also have the methods outlined in our service agreement for your reference.
Deposits are generally non refundable, however, we understand that emergencies occur and we can mutually make arrangements.
How many clients can one stylist do? Depending on the size of your party, the complexity of looks and time allotted, we book an appropriate number of artists. We also tag-team when needed in efforts to deliver a comfortable and luxurious experience.
We normally do not accept last-minute bookings, however, if the time allows we might make an exception.